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WCC Race Submissions

Bisons WCC Race

Bisons Celery
WCC Racer Submissions

The Racing... and Food... World was rocked when Celery announced its retirement. But then Bisons and Vegetable Fans rejoiced together on August 30, 2017 as Celery earned that historic first win in the last race of its career.

But, now, with Opening Day 2018 fast approaching, we are all left with one question...


Who's NEXT!?!?


The question that we all want to know might just be up to you!!! Racing Mascot Free Agency is now open and the Bisons are looking for who you think the next great competitor -edible or not- should be in the WCC Race, presented by (716) Food and Sport.

Will a certain sandwich become a new weck-ing ball in the competition? Will Wing and Atomic finally be united with their cheesy, sliced companion? Or, is there a competitor you think would be a creative and perfect complement to our remaining racers?

Have fun, be creative and use the form below to make your submission. Stay tuned to for further details!